Powerful context menu manager for Windows File Explorer.
To edit regular items or add new items.

Version 1.2 released on

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  • Full management of the context menu.
  • Adding new custom menu items such as submenu (cascaded menus), menuitem and separator.
  • Modify regular menu items added by system or third-party programs.
  • Support all file system objects files, folders, desktop and taskbar.
  • Support expressions syntax.
  • Support Built-in functions and predefined variables.
  • Support colors, glyphs, embedded icons, and image files such as .ico, .png or .bmp.
  • Support search and filter.
  • Support Taskbar context menu.
  • Support for complex nested context menus.
  • Quickly and easily configure file in plain text
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • Minimal resource usage.
  • No limitations.
Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)