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scoop install nilesoft-shell

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  • Internal fixes and improvements
  • Improved default section syntax
  • New 'static.enabled' option to enable or disable handle static section
  • New 'dynamic.enabled' option to enable or disable handle dynamic section
  • New 'theme.background' option to separate background color from background color of menu items
  • New 'prefix' option to customize mnemonic-prefix
  • New 'layout.popup' option to show submenu alignment to parent
  • New 'image.align' option to enable display of image and checked together
  • New options have been added to margin and padding (left, top, right, bottom)
  • New options have been added to theme.item.text, theme.item.back, and theme.symbol (normal, normal.disabled, select, select.disabled)
  • New 'in' option for static items to help select items in submenus
  • New 'invoke' option for dyamic items to change command operations to multiple or single
  • New 'image.scale' option to enable scaling of images to fit the size of static items
  • New 'exclude' option to prevent processes or windows
  • New functions color.invert, color.accent_light1, color.accent_light2 color.accent_light3 color.accent_dark1 color.accent_dark2 color.accent_dark3
  • New function path.wsl to help convert the path to wsl path
  • New functions for color processing With its new syntax, color.opacity, color.light, color.dark, color.rgba
  • New functions "window.send," to send commands to the current window or specify window
  • New function "sys.is_primary_monitor"
  • New function ""
  • Support for system menus that are included by a third party
  • Support moving dynamic and static items to other complex submenus
  • Support for customizing static items in complex submenus
  • Support effects gradient and Transparency(transparent, blur, acrylic)
  • These functions 'this.desktop, this.taskbar,this.explorer,this.nav' have been moved to window scope
  • The following options have been moved to theme scope: (item, font, border shadow, separator, symbol, image)
  • The "default" section has been renamed to "set"
  • The extension of configuration file has been changed to .nss (Nilesoft Shell Script)
  • str.replace bug fixed
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