Shell version 1.8.1


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Windows Package Manager

winget install


scoop install nilesoft-shell


choco install nilesoft-shell

Visual Studio Code Extension

Nilesoft Shell configration files highlighting and snippets extension for Visual Studio Code. by @ChristopheL77

Download Nilesoft Shell File Formatter

Shell is free software for personal and commercial use and has been optimized to be fast and resource efficient. It does not contain any unwanted third party applications (adware, spyware, bloatware, advertisements, tracking).

It is highly recommended to download Shell from our website only to avoid bundled malware and unwanted additional software. The installer you get from here is scanned against viruses and malware.

Before installation, make sure that the downloaded files have been digitally signed by Mahmoud Gomaa.

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  • Fixed a keyboard bug when executing a command
  • Fixed a bug with functions
  • New checked property for static item to change the checked state
  • New value for image.align option to set priority
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