Shell version 1.8 beta

Sep 26, 2022 2 3287

This version 1.8 comes with many helpful functions and new features such as transparency and gradient effects and adding item borders.

Performance improvements and some bug fixes.


  • Internal fixes and improvements
  • Improved default section syntax
  • str.replace bug fixed
  • The following options have been moved to theme scope: (item, font, border shadow, separator, symbol)
  • New option static-enabled to enable or disable handle static section
  • New option dynamic-enabled to enable or disable handle dynamic section
  • New option theme-background to separate background color from background color of menu items
  • New option prefix to customize mnemonic-prefix
  • New option layout-align to show submenu alignment to parent
  • New option image-align to enable display of image and checked together
  • New options have been added to margin and padding (left, top, right, bottom)
  • New options have been added to theme.item.text theme.item.back, and theme.symbol (normal, normal-disabled, select, select-disabled)
  • New funcs color.invert, color.accent_light1, color.accent_light2, color.accent_light3, color.accent_dark1, color.accent_dark2, color.accent_dark3
  • New func indexof returns the position of menu item
  • New func path.wsl to help convert the path to wsl path



Finally 🤩
How do I delete an item from a submenu?

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