Static Items

This section modifies context menu items added by the system or by a third party. more than one item can be added with some properties to customize the context menu. explained below in more details.
The items must have the property find. to search in the titles of the menu items to catches them and customize by other properties such as changing the title, icon, visibility, or moving it to another location.

In the following example, it shows how to write add an items to static:

        item(find = 'copy'image = #00ff00)
        item(find = 'paste' image = #0000ff)


Property Summary
Where Allow menu item to be passed if a true value is returned
Default = true
Find Accept menuitem when the specific menuitem title is contains or equal to the current find property.
Use this delimiter | to separate patterns.

This property must be included with another property at least if where property is not defined.

Default = null

find = 'undo' Find any word contains "undo"
find = '"undo"' Match whole word only
find = '*undo' Find a word that ends with
find = 'undo*' Find a word that starts with

find = '!undo' Find any word not contains "undo"
find = '!"undo"' Search for any word not equal to "undo"
find = '!*undo' Find a word that not ends with
find = 'undo*!' Find a word that starts with

find = 'undo delete|undo copy' Find an equal title for "undo delete" or "undo copy"

Determine the path of the menu being searched.

Default = null

Change value indicating the caption of the menuitem.

Default = null
Mode Accept item by selections behavior. Value have one of the following parameters:
none Accept item when there are no selections.
Single Accept menuitem when there are single selection.
multi_unique Accept when multiple selections are single type.
multi_single Accept when multiple selections are single file extension.
multiple Accept all types.
Default = multiple
Type Specify the types of object files allowed for the menu item to appear. The property is assigned to one or more of these parameters and this character | is used to separate types.
Add a character ~ before single type to exclude.

The property not supported syntax expressions.

* Accept menuitem when any type are selected.
File Accept menuitem when file are selected.
Dirctory(Dir) Accept menuitem when Dirctory are selected.
Drive Drive objects
USB Accept menuitem when USB flash drive are selected.
DVD The drive is a DVD-ROM drive
Fixed Accept menuitem when Fixed drive are selected. The drive has fixed media; for example, a hard disk drive or flash drive.
VHD Accept menuitem when Virtual Hard Disk are selected.
Removable The drive has removable media; for example, a floppy drive, thumb drive, or flash card reader.
Remote The drive is a remote (network) drive.
Back Accept menu item when the background of all types are selected or can specify of this types for the background (,[back.fixed, back.usb, back.dvd, back.vhd, back.Removable], back.namespace[, back.recyclebin])
Desktop Accept menuitem when the Desktop are selected.
Namespace Accept menuitem when Namespace are selected. Can be virtual objects such as the My Network Places and Recycle Bin.
Computer Accept menuitem when the My Computer are selected.
Recyclebin Accept menuitem when the Recycle bin are selected.
Taskbar Accept menuitem when the Taskbar are selected.
Default = Accepts all types except for the taskbar.

Required for menu, item, separator.

Visibility (vis) Visibility of menuitem and can have one of the following parameters:.
Hidden Hide the menuitem.
Normal Enabled the menuitem.
Disable Disabled the menuitem.
Default = normal
Position (pos) The position at which a menuitem should be inserted into the menu.
Position can have one of the following parameters:
Auto Insert the menuitem to the current position.
Middle Insert the menuitem to the middle of the menu.
Top Insert the menuitem to the top of the menu.
Bottom Insert the menuitem to the bottom of the menu.
Number sets Insert the menuitem to a specified position with integer numbers.
Default = auto
Separator (sep) Add separator with menuitem position by parameters:
None Not adding a separator with the menuitem.
Before, Top Add a separator before the menuitem.
After, Bottom Add a separator after the menuitem.
Both Add a separator before and after the menuitem.
Default = none
Image, Icon The icon that appears in a menuitem, This property can be assigned as image files, resource icons, glyph or color. With one of the following parameters
Null Show menuitem without icon.
Inherit Inheriting the image from the parent.
Glyph Assign image as Glyph.
Color Assign image as color.
Path Assign image from location path or resource icon.
Default = null
Checked Value that indicates whether the menuitem checked type:
0 Not checked
1 Display as checked mark.
2 Display as radio bullet.
Default = 0

Required for item.

Parent, Menu

Move current menu item(s) to another menu.

Default = null

Show keyboard shortcuts.

Default = null

Show a tip for the current item

Default = null

tip = "Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text."
tip = ["Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text.",]
tip = ["Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text.",, 1.2]

Specifies that the menuitem is the default. A menu can contain only one default menuitem, which is displayed in bold.

Default = false

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