Static Items

The optional static section contains entries to modify existing context menu items, added by the system or by a third party.


The section can have the following entry types, all of which are optional:

  • One var block to define "local" variables.
  • One or more item entries. These contain the instructions on which and how to change existing menuitems.
  • One or more imports. The content of the given file will be placed in the position of the import.

While the var block should be at the top of the section, the other entries can appear in any order.


In the following example, two instructions are defined:

        item(find = 'copy' image = #00ff00)
        item(find = 'paste' image = #0000ff)

Item Entries

item entries contain the instructions on how to identify existing menuitems (also referred to as Target), and when and what changes should be applied to them.

This is done by matching an existing menuitem's title property against the static item's mandatory find property. If a match is found, the other properties of the static item are applied to the appropriate menuitem, such as changing their properties (e.g. title, icon, visibility), or moving them to another location.

item( title = value [property = value [...] ])


item entries can define three different sets of properties:

Validation Properties
Determine if a given item entry should be processed when a context menu is displayed. Optional.
Filter Properties:
Determine if a given menuitem is a valid target for the process instructions
  • find (mandatory)
    Pattern used to identify targets by matching against their title property.
Process Instructions
Define what to do with the target. Optional. However, if there are no process instruction specified, the entry is of no practical use. For further details refer to its separate section below.

For a complete overview and further details regarding applicable properties, please refer to the properties page.

Item Target

Item targets are menuitems of an existing context menu. Their properties or location can be changed by applying the process instructions defined in a static item.

Process instructions

Instructions that should be applied to the Target. Basically they consist of properties from the two property classes menuitem properties and command properties.

Once a item is validated and a target identified, then these values are applied to the targeted menuitem.

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