Download the release package and unzip its content in any location you want.

Open an elevated command prompt.

Command-Line Help

shell -[options]

-register (-r) Registering.
-unregister (-u) Unregistering.
-init (-i) Initialize image cache.
-restart (-re) Restart Windows Explorer.
-silent (-s) Prevents displaying messages.
-? Display this help message.
shell -register -init

shell -unregister -restart
Tip: Close all instances of Windows File Explorer before uninstalling to avoid needing a reboot after it (Shell) has been uninstalled.

Use the following keys to enable/disable

These keys are used when you press right-click or press Shift+F10 keys

CTRL To enable and reload the configuration file "shell.shl"
WIN To make priority to the modern context menu for Windows 11
CTRL+WIN To disable Shell and Enable Classic Context Menu
RIGHT-CLICK + LEFT-CLICK To reload the configuration file "shell.shl"

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